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WlanMap is an opensource project, designed for scanning WLAN access points [AP] and displaying whose signal strength on a map.
Two online maps ares supported, Openstreetmap and GoogleSatellite.
Openstreetmap is cached permanently and can be used offline.
For GoogleSatellie an internet connection is necessary.

License: GNU GPL

WlanMap creates measure points [MP] for displaying AP signal strenght values.
MP's are geographic positions (longitude/latitude), either set automatically by received GPS position or manually,
if no valid GPS signals are available.

WlanMap works with GPS devices connected to USB port, additional Win7/8 Tablet integrated GPS sensors are supported !

Additional it is posible to create a heatmap based on measure point.

WlanMap can be used to scan outdoor areas or indoor rooms. WlanMap supports import of georeferenced images for indoor scanning.

WlanMap supports measure point export/import in Google Kml format.

Feel free to download source code or binaries.

Questions or comments can be sent to:

We also offer commercial GIS development.

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